I admit it: I'm a total geek. I love electronics, programming, 3D art, vintage Apple hardware, and whisky. I'm always juggling half a dozen projects. I also enjoy documenting it all: my successes, my failures, my experiences... and everything geeky along the way.

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Sun Kissed

This is the final render in a short series of old renders that I never had the time to finish..until now. I was so busy with other projects over the past few months that I got in the nasty habit of starting a new render without finishing the last. An idea would pop in my head and I’d start something new without finishing the old one. Sort of like a pile of rough sketches.

I loved the way Walking the Garden came out. If you look at the top left, there’s a whole flower garden back there. It came out really nice. I put a lot of details into my scenes. Some of the time, it’s things you’ll never even see.

Walking the Garden final

I wanted to recycle the scene and make use of the garden in the background. I placed a nude Victoria 6 in the center of the flower garden and adjusted the depth of field.

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 8.39.08 PM

“Nude in the garden with sun rays”. Sounds like a Tomita composition.

sun kissed 1

Not bad, but I wanted more garden and more sun. I changed the aspect ratio from 8 x10 to 16:9.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 7.24.21 PM

Much better. I changed her skin texture and hair…

sun kissed 1

…and played with the lighting some more until I had the desired effect.

Sun Kissed 2

I then went nuts with the bokeh and lens flare.

Sun Kissed 620

I don’t know why this took me so long to complete, it was actually a pretty simple scene.