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Dad, can you fix my penguin?

My 6 year old has a plushy penguin that lights up and projects stars on his ceiling when he goes to bed. He stepped on it and broke the button. He asked me, “Dad, can you fix my penguin?”

Can we fix it? YES WE CAN!!!

He broke the button alright. It’s pretty pushed in and doesn’t “click” any more. I cracked it open to see what was wrong. The push-button is connected to a mini PCB that has two wires soldered to it. The PCB is cracked right down the middle, severing one of the traces to the push-button.


I pulled it out and hot glued it back together. I then resoldered the wire.


I put it back together and pressed the button. We have stars!


It was literally a 5 minute fix. I wonder how many people would have just thrown it away instead of taking the time to open it up and see exactly what’s wrong? I know it was only $10 bucks, but the look on his face and the “Yeah! You fixed it!!” was priceless.