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ChronoDot Breakout Board

The ChronoDot DS3231 breakout board didn’t arrive over the weekend like I had hoped. I had to wait a few more days for it. Delays! Delays! Delays!



There was no assembly required, so I could just pop it in my breadboard and get right down to the code.


It basically worked right out of the box with the RTC library. The clock started ticking away as soon as I powered it up.

I did tweak the code anyway. After tinkering around with it, I found a much better way of running my main loop. The clock runs a lot smoother now. I ran it for twelve hours sitting next to my iPhone and it’s pretty much spot on to the millisecond. So it looks like I did a good job of eliminating any delays.


I think I’m pretty much finished with the PCB too. I just have to give it one last look-over and then I can submit it. The DS3231s I ordered from eBay are en route from China. I have all the other pieces already.

Everything is starting to come together. I can’t wait to finish it!

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