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Component Pin Sizer from SmallRoomLabs

SmallRoomLabs sell some great pin sizers on Tindie. They’re only $2 bucks a pop, but if you buy both as a set you can save yourself a dollar. They’re definitely something you need to keep around.

I’ve been meaning to make one for myself for a while now. I just haven’t gotten around to it. When I saw them being offered for a mere $3 dollars, I could’t pass them up.

The set comes with the regular sized pin sizer that ranges from 0.4mm to 3.0mm...


…and a large one that ranges from 2.4mm to 3.5mm.


There’s been a few times in the past that I’ve gone by the spec sheet to specify a hole size on a PCB only to find out in really it’s not even close and I’ve had to file the pin down. I’ve also printed out my PCB on paper and lined things up to double check. They look good on paper, but again, in reality they’re not even close. What’s great about a pin sizer is that you can immediately see how much wiggle room you really have.


I can already tell this is going to be something I’m soon going to wonder how I lived without.

If you’re looking for a set, check them out on Tindie.