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DAZ Studio 3D Modeling

I've been wanting to get into 3D modeling for years but the software needed to do it is crazy expensive. I’d love to use Poser. It looks amazing, but it’s $300 bucks. My threshold for software is around the $200 mark. After that, then it gets hard for me to justify the purchase. There’s also ZBrush. It’s $700 and looks like the most amazing piece of software money can buy. I’ve wanted it since I found out about it around 2006, but I could never justify that kind of money for software.

I’ve played around with some of the open source alternatives like Blender and Makehuman. Blender is amazing, but there’s definitely a learning curve. I played around with Makehuman when it was in beta, but I wasn’t happy with the results. They’ve come a very long way since those beta days, so it’s probably worth checking out again.

I found DAZ Studio yesterday. It's amazing. And it's free! Their whole deal is to give you the software for free with the hopes that you'll buy content and plugins, etc. Sounds like a good business model because I can see myself getting hooked on this.

If the splash screen gives any indication as to what you can do with it, then I’m already impressed.

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