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Dremel 4000

As I stated in an older post, the LCD Clock assembly was held up because I needed a new Dremel. I needed to drill holes in the stands for the display as well as make a few holes in the PCB to mount the LCD, but my old Dremel fell apart.

Needless to say, I ordered a new one. I wanted the high-end Dremel 4000 along with the Work Station. The list price on the Dremel alone is about $170. The Work Station is another $65. Amazon had them for pretty much half price, so I was able to persuade my wife to order them for me as an early Christmas present. She’s letting me use the Dremel to finish the clock. (I think she bought the Work Station too, but she won’t say!)

The Dremel 4000 is light years ahead of the old Dremel I had. That thing was a good 15 years old and wasn’t as nearly as versatile as the new models.


Attachments galore!


It even has a sweet carrying case. My old Dremel never had a case.



Look at all the attachments! I think I’m going to just run around the house looking for things to sand, cut, drill, and grind.


Awesome! Just awesome!