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Seeed Studio Fusion - $9.90 for 10pcs 2 layer 10x10cm boards


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Guitar Hero Parts

My wife’s friend gave us his old Rock Band setup. It was falling apart. We didn’t get the game from him, but he though the kids might want to kick the instruments around or something. It sat in the closet for a year before we decided to just toss the whole thing. The kids never touched it.

I didn’t know that one of the guitars got left behind. I found it in the closet yesterday. It too was falling part. I was about to toss it out when I though to myself that I should tear the thing open and salvage some parts from it.

Man! This thing is chock-full of cool tech!


This cool little keypad might come in handy one day.


As well as these boards full of switches.



There’s a whole bunch of sensors, pots, and switches too. I Google to see what the two sensors are on the bottom, but Google came up empty-handed. There’s no markings on them so who knows what they are? Hall-effect sensors? The black one makes a rattling noise when you shake it. The greenish one looks like a fuse. It’s a clear tube with two contacts inside that almost touch.


It just goes to show….don’t throw anything out until you’ve ripped it apart first.

Free components rock!!!