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iPhone Radio Hack

I picked up this portable CD player years ago from the clearance rack at Staples. I think it was something ridiculous like $4 bucks. We never really use it since we have better means of playing CDs. Most of the time we just play music on the computer. I’ve kept it around just in case we’d want to play music outside or something. Nothing serious, just a little background noise for a BBQ or something.

As luck would have it, that’s exactly what my wife asked me for the other day, “Too bad we don’t have a speaker dock-thing for our iPhones so we can play out music outside.”

Ah ha!! Sounds like mod-time.

All I have to do it crack this guy open and find a way to patch into the electronics. I can then add a headphone jack and plug the iPhone in and play the music through the speakers.

I cracked it open and started to tinker around with it.


OK, figured it out. Need tools!


After about an hour, I was finished. I even put in a switch so I can toggle between the iPhone and the CD player as an input.


A quick test and it was good to go.


It’s not going to blow out any windows, but it’s not bad for $4 bucks!