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More Nixie Tube Experiments

Moving right along with the nixie tube experiments... I decided to add a 74595 shift register into the mix and attempt to shift out some data to two of my nixie breakout boards through a 74141 nixie driver.

Here’s the schematic:

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 3.17.52 PM

I needed to break out my bigger breadboard for this one. I’m probably going to add a few more nixes to it if it works. I’ll just have to order another set from OSH Park.


I connected a DS3231 RTC module and hooked up my power supply.


After a few hours of playing around with some code, I figured it out. (For the most part.) It’s pretty tricky stuff.


Sometimes it pays to look at other people’s projects for inspiration. I found some sample sketches online and was able to figure out how they did it, and what I needed to do to pull in the seconds from the DS3231 real time clock module and pass it to the nixies through the 74595 shift register.

Silly me, I was basically just goofing around and never actually saved my sketch. Once I get some more breakout boards for the minutes and hours, I’ll put together a “real” sketch. (And save it this time!)

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