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Nerf Scope LASER Upgrade

I had one of those crappy spirit levels with a LASER in it. It was a piece of junk. It was falling apart. I should have taken a picture of it before I took it apart. A stock photo will have to do. It was one of these things:

laser spirit level
It’s been sitting in the tool box for over a decade. I was cleaning some stuff out and was about to throw it out.

However, I can’t just throw away a perfectly good LASER. I torn the thing apart and liberated the LASER assembly.


It runs off 3 volts. All it needs is a battery pack. What to do with it?


I was sitting at my desk messing with it when my son came in and was like, "Cool! Can you give my Nerf gun scope an upgrade? The red dot in that thing is garbage!"

He's 100% correct. The red dot in his Nerf scope is garbage. I think it's basically a red LED.


I opened it up and pulled out the electronics. It looks like a red LED to me.


I cut the wires and soldered the LASER to the battery pack and switch and then secured the connections with some heat shrink tubing.


I then hot glued the LASER to the back of the plastic tube that held the old red LED.


I then mounted everything back into the Nerf gun. Everything fits perfectly…


…and it works awesome. That was a quick and easy 15 minute mod.


The cats love it too!