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Old-School PS/2 Trackball

I swung by my friend’s parent’s house the other day to hook up their new TV. While I was there, the mom asked me if I had any use for this old mouse she dug up. I immediately noticed the PS/2 to DB9 adapter on the end and knew it had to be super-old.

Sure!! I’ll take it!

It would be cool if it was an old Mac peripheral, but no. It’s PS/2. Apple never shipped a Mac with a PS/2 connector. I’ll probably never use it, but it would just be a shame to see such a cool trackball end up in the dumpster.

compUSAtrackball_0015 15

It could use a good cleaning. I’m sure it has spent the past decade or so in the garage.

compUSAtrackball_0017 17

What’s weird is that there is nothing holding the ball in other than gravity. You can flip the mouse over and the ball falls right out. Pretty easy to keep it clean.

compUSAtrackball_0018 18

There’s the adapter. Pretty dirty.

compUSAtrackball_0019 19

She even had the manual and driver disk for it. The floppy disk is dated 1990. Yup, old school. This mouse is old enough to drink.

compUSAtrackball_0020 20