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SoundBox PCB

I completed the circuit for the FartBox. It’s time to put the wraps on a PCB and send it out to be fabbed.

The Arduino can hold about 4 seconds of audio. I have the FartBox randomly playing 1 of 3 fart sounds when you press a button. Since I’ll be getting 3 boards made, it made sense to add a few more hookups for additional buttons. I don’t know what I’ll be using the other two boards for, so it would be nice to have the option of playing individual tones based on different button presses.

With that said, I redesigned the board for the FartBox, adding two additional buttons. In addition, I’m now calling it “SoundBox” since whatever other projects I use the remaining boards for probably won’t fart. I still want to have a go at fitting a board inside the Staples Easy button and have it say something other than “that was easy”.

soundbox final schematic

The board is complete. Adding two more buttons made the board a little bigger than I had originally intended. I also made the board a little bigger so that any board stands/screws/nuts I attach to it won’t get in the way of any components. It’ll still fit in the Staples Easy button without a problem if I do finish that up.

soundbox final board

I printed out the board and laid out the parts to make sure everything looked good. It’s prefect.


I submitted the board to OSH Park. It looks awesome.

soundbox OSHPark render

Since there’s no rush on these boards, I chose the free shipping option. All 3 boards only cost $16.10.

01/29/13 UPDATE: I got the boards in. They don’t work! Errrr! Silly design error! Scratch this. Going with Plan B……

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