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Tektronix TDS 1012 Oscilloscope

Dad’s still in heavy “clean out the garage” mode and stumbled upon more tech goodies for me! This time, it’s a Tektronix TDS 1012 oscilloscope!!!!

The TDS 1012 isn’t new. It’s from ~2005... so it’s not exactly vintage either. I’d love one of those new-fangled color scopes, but for my simple needs, this is more than adequate.

It measures up to 100 MHz, so it’s perfect for 16 MHz AVRs.

DSC_0007 7

DSC_0008 8

That back panel is removable. You can buy an expansion pack that clips into the port. It gives you the ability to save to a Compact Flash card as well as print to a parallel printer. I think this scope was originally in the $1000 range. I’ve seen used units on eBay for $450. Based on those prices, it’s not exactly a cheap, entry-level scope.


I’ve been wanting a new scope for years! My old scope is a piece of junk. It’s a BK 1476A and it’s a dinosaur. It’s just that I couldn’t bring myself to drop $400+ on a new scope. You really can’t buy a good scope for under $400. Those dinky little pocket scopes you see for $99 are garbage.

oldBKscope_0003 3

Yeah! It passed all the startup tests.

DSC_0010 10

As I said earlier, a color scope would have been awesome, but beggars can’t be choosers. This thing is awesome!

DSC_0014 14

I plugged in my probe and connected it to the built-in 1 KHz output.

DSC_0017 17

It’s bang-on the money. I love the fact that you can just press “Auto Set” and everything is displayed on-screen.

1khz_0003 3

I hope this scope will come in handy for figuring out why my 7490 clock do-over still runs fast!!!