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The Tesseract Build, Part II

With the software and hardware for the Tesseract complete, it was time to wrap up the enclosure.

I started with the acrylic.

tesseract_build2_0005 5

I wrapped it up in tape so that I wouldn’t get any paint on the outside.

tesseract_build2_0007 7

I then took it outside and gave the interior a quick blast with some white spray paint.

tesseract_build2_0009 9

After it dried for about an hour, I pulled the tape off to reveal and pretty nice looking white cube.

tesseract_build2_0016 16

As far as the base, I plan to power it off 5V by either a 5V USB adapter or the USB port on my computer.

tesserect_power_0003 3

I drilled a hole in the base large enough to feed a USB cable and strain relief.

tesseract_build2_0018 18

I had a few $5 cheapie Lightning cables that I bought at the gas station for the kids. They broke after 3 days, so I just cut the end off one of them and used that. I fed the cut end through the hole and slid on the strain relief.

tesseract_build2_0022 22

I then pulled the strain relief through the hole.

tesseract_build2_0021 21

I then soldered on the connector that attaches to the Bare Bones Arduino board.

tesseract_build2_0023 23

I needed to use a few cardboard spacers to lift up and center the LEDs. I secured everything with some hot glue.

tesseract_build2_0031 31

Last but not least, I secured the top with a few drops of hot glue.

tesseratbuilt_0001 1

It’s nice and blue but doesn’t blast the whole room.

tesseract_blue_0007 7

Once it gets going, it’s quite the spectacle! I think it came out great, and the kids think it’s amazing.

Here’s a short demo of it in action:

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