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Glenfiddich 21-Year

Wow, I have the best wife in the world! Look what I got for Valentine's Day!

Glenfiddich is one of my favorite whiskies. Highland Park is my all-time favorite, so Glenfiddich is my second favorite. Since Highland Park can be expensive, and hard to come by, Glenfiddich is my go-to single malt. As a matter of fact, Glenfiddich 12-year is the first single malt that I ever had.

So it only seems fitting that the first 21-year old single malt I should try be from Glenfiddich.

I saw this 21-year in the liquor store around Christmas time and told my wife about it. I knew I wasn't getting it since Highland Park Ice was on my list, but with an anniversary and Valentine's Day around the corner, I figured that I'd plant the seed.

My wife is very receptive.



These picture do not so the packaging justice. This has to be the nicest box that I've ever seen. It is such a nice vibrant orange. The detail in the line work is incredible. All those patterns you so on the box aren't just printed, but they're embossed.


The font work and artistry is amazing, It's absolutely gorgeous, not to mention huge! This is one big box! It's bigger than Johnnie Walker Blue.



Unlike the 18-year that's finished in bourbon and sherry casks, the 21-year is finished in Caribbean rum casks. It's not just another whisky aged for a few more years, it's a completely different animal.

From Master of Malt:

Nose: Barley sugar, malt, dark brown sugar, orange peels, marmalade, Manuka honey, chocolate, foam bananas.

Palate: Full, fruitcake, spices, buttery vanilla, malty. Oak.

Finish: Long, mochaccino, marmalade.

The reviews online are very mixed. People either love it, or they think the 18 is better and they paid too much. I have to agree that the 40 ABV was a little surprising. I expected it to be bottled at 43% similar to the 18-year.

It's a fantastic whisky. Unmistakably Glenfiddich. Is it worth the $190 my wife paid? No. I just had a taste of the 21-year side by side with a 15 and I really have to say, while both are fantastic, and both different, I don't think one is better than the other.

It's like Johnnie Walker Blue. Fantastic stuff, but not worth $200 bucks. For that money you can have two bottles of Platinum. So unless you have the money to burn, or you just want the bragging rights, go with two bottles of the 18.