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Johnnie Walker King George V

I thought I was a lucky duck when my wife treated me to a $369 bottle of Highland Park’s Odin for my 40th birthday. Who would have thought that a mere 6 months later, she’d be treating me to a $500 bottle of Johnnie Walker King George V?

This is indeed a once-in-a-lifetime bottling. I doubt I’ll be seeing another one of these again.

From the website:

In 1820, John Walker started out in business with a single small shop, but he always had big ambitions. Just over a century later, John Walker & Sons was awarded a Royal Warrant by King George V.
By then, Johnnie Walker was already well on its way to becoming the world’s most popular Scotch Whisky. Becoming a supplier to the Royal Household was an important step on that journey.
John Walker & Sons King George V commemorates the granting of the Royal Warrant on 1 January 1934.
It is created using only the finest whiskies from distilleries that were operating during George’s twenty-five-year reign (1910 – 1936), some of which, like the famed Port Ellen, no longer exist. They are blended together to reflect the distinctive Johnnie Walker style of the era.

It’s pretty exclusive stuff.


The presentation is something to behold.


I don’t dare open the Certificate of Authenticity. It looks too nice to break the seal.


This is a very high quality decanter. It’s solid. It weights a ton and you really feel like you got your money’s worth. The cap too is solid and heavy.



So how is it? It’s amazing. Better than the Blue? Of course. However, dare I say….it’s not $500 good. I admit, you’re paying for the exclusiveness of the bottling. I was very impressed with that first sip, but it’s not like I died and went to Heaven. I was expecting a little more from it to be honest. Overall, I’m happy to have the bragging rights, for this is a very rare treat indeed.