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Johnnie Walker Red Bottle Collection

I don’t know if most people throw their bottles away when they’re done with them, but I like to keep them. We have a bunch of book shelves built into the walls in the living room. You’d need like 1000 books to fill them up. Since I don’t have 1000 books, I’ve pretty much filled them up with all my empty bottles. Since Johnnie Walker is pretty much my everyday go-to whisky, it’s no surprise that I have an empty bottle for pretty much every whisky they sell. In particular, I think I almost have every size they sell for Red. I did have a mini at one point, but I think I chucked it by accident.

In any case, the whole point of this post is to show off a few new bottles. My parents are in town for a week and my Dad came bearing gifts.

I give to you a huge 3 liter bottle of Johnnie Walker Red. How insane is this bottle! It’s absolutely massive, and it weighs a ton.

JW 3L_0141

But wait, there’s more!

Not only did he bring me a huge 3L bottle, but he managed to score an empty 4.5L bottle from my uncle. I thought the 3L bottle was the largest bottle I’d ever seen until he pulled the 4.5L bottle out of his suitcase. It’s a behemoth. I wish it was full too, but I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. I’ve seen the 4.5L bottle online before and I just assumed it was something from days gone by. I had no idea it was something you can still buy. My Dad said he saw them in the Duty Free shop flying into Australia. He wanted to get me one, but it was something like $200 bucks.

To give you a sense of scale, the bottle all the way on right is a regular 750ml bottle. The 3L and 4.5L bottles dwarf it.


From right to left: 750ml, 1L, 1.75L, 3L, 4.5L.

I think I just need to get my hands on a mini, a 200ml, and a 350ml and I think I’ll have every bottle size that Johnnie Walker sells.

I filled the 4.5L bottle with wine corks. It looks pretty cool up on the bar.