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The Glenrothes - Sherry Cask Reserve

It’s been months since I picked up a new whisky. It’s been repeats for a while: Glenfiddich, Johnnie Walker, Highland Park, Glenmorangie. The usual suspects. I’ve pretty much had every whisky worth having that’s sold around me. If I want something new and exciting, I have to make an hour and a half round trip to my nearest Total Wine. It isn’t that far away, it’s just the traffic is a killer.

Since my parents were in town for the week, my Dad and I took a trip to Total Wine. Ahhhh! There was so much to choose from!

I settled for a bottle of The Glenrothes Sherry Cask Reserve. This is the 4th bottling I’ve had, and they’ve all been fantastic!

From Master of Malt…

Nose: Plump raisins, candied ginger and crumbly shortbread dusted with sugar. Crushed walnuts and oak appear further on.

Palate: Flamed orange zest and cinnamon, with more ginger and spice from the cask up front. This swiftly turns to juicy sultanas and raisins, with perhaps a tiny wisp of earthy smsoke.

Finish: Brown sugar, citrus peel and nutmeg last on the finish.