I admit it: I'm a total geek. I love electronics, programming, 3D art, vintage Apple hardware, and whisky. I'm always juggling half a dozen projects. I also enjoy documenting it all: my successes, my failures, my experiences... and everything geeky along the way.


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Replacing the Arduino and Thermistor in my ROBO3D R1 Printer

When starting a print on my ROBO3D R1 3D printer, I periodically get an error message that pops up just after the bed has leveled. The error message pops up and the printer just stops. I have to power cycle the printer, restart MatterControl, and enter M999 into the console. I posted an entry on the ROBO3D forums asking for help. The consensus was that the extruder thermistor was bad and needed to be replaced. However, I ended up frying my board during the repair and needed to replace the Arduino MEGA inside. Read More...

3" LCD Clock - Part V

After some delays, I finally got the panels for the clock laser-cut. I thought I was going to just drop the electronics in and screw the back on, but I ended up having to redo a lot of the wiring to get things to fit. I’m still not done. As it turns out, I need to reorder some more panels to make the enclosure a little thicker. The wiring for the set buttons takes up more space that I had anticipated. So the clock’s not compete yet, but much progress has been made. Read More...

Optical Drive CNC Machine - Part I

I have a pretty large stack of old optical drives that have been collecting dust. I’ve been meaning to do something with them for years. They just keep piling up. I’ve seen plenty of posts online from people making them into mini laser engravers and PCB routers, etc. It’s time to dig in and see what I can do with them. Read More...

Robo3D R1 Spool Holder Extreme

A friend of mine picked up a Robo3D. Right out of the box, he pretty much agreed with me that the stock spool holder could use an upgrade. He took it to the max and built a holder than can hold 4 rolls of filament. He was kind enough to pass along the design files so that I could make one for my pinter too. Read More...

3" LCD Clock - Part IV

With all the PCBs assembled, it was time to get to work on the 3D model and the laser-cut enclosure. Read More...

Talking Clock - Part VI

I really wanted this clock to be something special, so I spared no expense, took my time, and made sure everything was perfect. No shortcuts, half measures, or it’ll do’s. It came out better than I’d hoped. I just hope it shows in the final assembly. Read More...

The "Zorg Door Bomb"...Clock - Part III

After a month and a half of juggling multiple projects, the “Zorg Door Bomb” Clock has finally crossed the finish line. It came out great, and I’m really happy with the results. Read More...

Talking Clock - Part V

With all the electronics complete, it was time to work on the enclosure. It took 15 hours to print, and a day or two for the stain to dry. I can’t believe this project is almost finished! Read More...

The "Zorg Door Bomb"...Clock - Part II

I was so excited when the board for this clock arrived. This is such a fun project; even if it is just for a laugh.

Talking Clock - Part IV

My PCBs finally arrived! As parts and PCBs become available, I’m bouncing back and forth between this, my 3” LCD Clock and my Zorg Bomb Clock. It seems like all the PCBs showed up within days of each other. So much to do! Read More...