I admit it: I'm a total geek. I love electronics, programming, 3D art, vintage Apple hardware, and whisky. I'm always juggling half a dozen projects. I also enjoy documenting it all: my successes, my failures, my experiences... and everything geeky along the way.

Seeed Studio Fusion - $9.90 for 10pcs 2 layer 10x10cm boards


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DIY Reflow Oven - Part II

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DIY Reflow Oven - Part I

This is going to be cool. I’ve always wanted my own reflow oven. Read More...

Bench-Top Power Supply, Part 2

Finally! After waiting 3 weeks for my ATX Breakout Board to arrive, I got to work on my DIY bench-top power supply. I really like the way it came out. It’s going to come in especially handy with all the upcoming nixie projects I have in mind. I’m going to get a lot of use out of it. Read More...

Bench-Top Power Supply, Part 1

My wife came home today with her friend’s 12 year old junker of a Dell. The machine is toast. The motherboard is shot. The only thing left to do was gut it for parts. The only real gem out of the lot was this 250 watt ATX power supply. I’d love to make use of Dangerous Prototypes’ ATX Breakout Board and make a bench-top power supply for prototyping. Read More...

Fixing the 7490 Clock, Part IV

This 7490 clock has been a thorn in my side for a little over 5 years. It's never run right. It looks great, but it runs fast. Is it time for yet another rebuild, or can I just fix it with a cap or something? Read More...

Tektronix TDS 1012 Oscilloscope

Dad’s still in heavy “clean out the garage” mode and stumbled upon more tech goodies for me! This time, it’s a Tektronix TDS 1012 oscilloscope!!!! Read More...

MASTECH MS8910 Smart SMD Tester

I just had to have these SMD tweezers the minute I saw them on Adafruit. For a mere $30 bucks, I’m sure it’s not the best DMM out there at that price point, but I just could’t resist! Read More...

Vintage FABREX 424 Vice

Check out what vintage goodie my Dad unearthed in the garage. He had no need for it, so he gave it to me. It’s a FABREX 424 vice made in England. Read More...

ATmega AVRISPmkII Programmer

The MEGA MINI PCBs haven’t even shipped yet, but I’m all ready to go. I just picked up an AVR mkII programmer for $37.50 from Digi-Key. I have my FTDI programmer as well as my Atmega2560s. Once the PCBs come in, I should be all ready to burn the bootloader and upload some sketches. Read More...

SparkFun's FTDI Basic Programmer

Once my MEGA MINI PCBs arrive, I’m going to need a way to upload sketches to them. I plan on using the MEGA MINI as a test-bed for my GPS clock. I’ve never soldered or in-circuit programmed an Atmega2560 before. I’d hate to waste $100 worth of tech assembling the GPS clock for it to not work. So I want to make something simple as sort of a practice run. In order to program the board, I’ll need an FTDI programmer. I picked up SparkFun’s FTDI Basic Breakout board for $15 bucks. Read More...

Vintage AVO Meter No. 8

This is the Model 8 Avo Meter. My Dad gave it to me. He’s had it forever. Another vintage goodie rescued from the garage.

Component Pin Sizer from SmallRoomLabs

SmallRoomLabs sell some great pin sizers on Tindie. They’re only $2 bucks a pop, but if you buy both as a set you can save yourself a dollar. They’re definitely something you need to keep around. Read More...

SparkFun Hot Air Rework Station

I’ve been wanting SparkFun’s Hot Air Rework Station since last Christmas, but I had so much stuff on my list that I felt bad adding it. Now that I’m planning on doing some serious SMD work, it was time to bite the bullet and pick one up. Read More...

Hakko FX-888 Soldering Station

I’ve grown tired of those $6 Radio Shack specials. After decades of cheap soldering irons, it’s time to buy the real deal. Read More...

Dremel Workstation

I’ve always wanted a Dremel Workstation. I never got around to buying one so I added it to my Amazon wish list.

My wife comes through again! She got me one for Christmas. Read More...

Dremel 4000

Woo hoo! I’m back in business. My new Dremel came today. Time to drill some holes! Read More...