I admit it: I'm a total geek. I love electronics, programming, 3D art, vintage Apple hardware, and whisky. I'm always juggling half a dozen projects. I also enjoy documenting it all: my successes, my failures, my experiences... and everything geeky along the way.

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Mattel Electronics Football a.k.a Starlord's Handheld Scanner

Have you seen the new trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2? If you pay close attention to the opening scene, you'll see Starlord holding some kind of handheld scanner. I took one look at it and knew it was an old video game. I just had to have one. Read More...

Sinclair Cambridge Vintage Calculator

This is a Sinclair Cambridge vintage calculator from 1973. It's not just any Sinclair Cambridge vintage calculator, but an original model 1. Read More...

1972 Playboy Magazine - The "Lenna" Edition

Say hello to the November, 1972 edition of Playboy magazine. What’s so special about this edition? I’ll tell you.... Lena Söderberg - The First Lady of the Internet. Read More...


The MASTERVOICE Series II is a voice-activated home automation system. It responds to your commands and carries out your requests. With it, you can turn on or off pretty much any light or appliance in your house. Read More...

Vintage FABREX 424 Vice

Check out what vintage goodie my Dad unearthed in the garage. He had no need for it, so he gave it to me. It’s a FABREX 424 vice made in England. Read More...

Old-School PS/2 Trackball

I swung by my friend’s parent’s house the other day to hook up their new TV. While I was there, the mom asked me if I had any use for this old mouse she dug up. I immediately noticed the PS/2 to DB9 adapter on the end and knew it had to be super-old. Read More...

8" Floppies Galore

I found a bunch of 8” floppies in a box of garbage. I figured I’d take them home rather than see them go in a landfill. That, and I just love vintage computer stuff! Read More...

Vintage Drafting Supplies

I unearthed some of my Dad’s old drafting supplies. It’s amazing I’ve had these as long as I have and I haven’t really used them. I’ll have to try my hand at drawing something with these leads. Read More...

A Close Look at a '70s Pico Chip

I was digging through my memory box when I came across this old plate of chips that my Dad gave me years ago. These are back from the Pico days. Who knows what they are? Could be calculator microcontrollers, could be from an Accutrac turntable. Read More...

Vintage AVO Meter No. 8

This is the Model 8 Avo Meter. My Dad gave it to me. He’s had it forever. Another vintage goodie rescued from the garage.

Speak & Spell: Keepin' it Old School!

My kids got iPad minis for Christmas. They absolutely love them. They never put them down. I figured they’d get a kick out of my Speak & Spell. I wanted them to see that the Speak & Spell was my iPad of the day and that as simple as it was, it was as good as it got. Read More...

Vintage Calculators

My Dad, forever bestowing upon me vintage goodies of days gone by, happened across a small stash of vintage calculators he’d been holding on to for a good 40 years. Read More...