I admit it: I'm a total geek. I love electronics, programming, 3D art, vintage Apple hardware, and whisky. I'm always juggling half a dozen projects. I also enjoy documenting it all: my successes, my failures, my experiences... and everything geeky along the way.

Seeed Studio Fusion - $9.90 for 10pcs 2 layer 10x10cm boards


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Geek Extraordinaire. Yeh, I said it.


It's Time to Retire the Lighter Collection

I started collecting Zippo lighters in 1993. Here you see the collection in its heyday when I still lived with my parents. You can’t exactly have all that stuff set up when you have a wife and 3 kids. Who has the space? I consider myself lucky I still have a computer room. Anyway, Apple’s releasing a new Mac Pro this fall and something tells me I’m going to need a spare $3 grand. Time to eBay the lot of it!


Starbucks Cup Sleeves and Gift Cards Collection

I’ve been “holding on to” every Starbucks gift card I’ve ever be given since 2004 along with every different sleeve that I’ve spotted since 2007. Always “holding on to”, but not “collecting”. (If that makes any sense!) But today, I’ve officially starting collecting them! Read More...