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Anker Hardware

I picked up a new USB 3 hub for my Mac, but I wasn’t happy with it at all. Despite it costing $30 bucks, it was a cheap piece of junk. I sent it back to Amazon. In my search for a better model, I came across Anker. Their stuff looks awesome. Not only did I pick up their 7-port USB 3 hub, but I also picked up a 4-port USB charger and a 2-port 10000 mAh external battery.

The 7-port USB 3 hub is so much better than that Satechi one. It’s normally $75.00, so it must be. Right? I got it on Amazon for $40. It was $10 more than the Satechi, but it’s well worth it.

I really like Anker’s packaging. It definitely looks like a quality product, despite the box being a little smooshed.

anker 7 port hub_0002
anker 7 port hub_0003
anker 7 port hub_0005

Inside the box is a DC adapter, USB 3 cord, and some paperwork.

anker 7 port hub_0006

As far as the unit, it looks really nice despite being plastic. Not $75 dollars nice, but nice. If I was to pay the full $75, it better be made out of aluminum.

anker 7 port hub_0010
anker 7 port hub_0009

I plugged it in and inserted one of my thumb drives. They include a DC adapter, but I though that would only be required if you were to plug in a hard drive or something that required the extra power. I thought a little USB stick would just run off the bus. However, nothing happened.

anker 7 port hub_0014

I plugged in the adapter and the hub came to life. I guess it needs it 24-7. No matter. It’s still a really nice hub.

anker 7 port hub_0015

The Astro 3E external battery is normally $80 bucks, but I got it on sale for $40.


Inside, there’s another small box that holds a micro USB cable. They don’t give you an adapter.


Underneath, there’s a nice travel pouch and some instructions.


The finish on this thing looks like glass. It’s really nice. I can see it getting pretty scratched up so it’s a good thing they included the pouch.



It came fully charged. The LEDs display how much power remains: one LED per 25% capacity.


There’s 2 USB ports on the bottom.


One is tailored for Apple devices and the other for Android. Not that it really matters. They can both put out up to 3A. It just depends on whether or not you want it to charge at full speed or not.


With a 10000 mAh capacity, it can charge and iPhone four to five times. They even say it can charge 2 iPads simultaneously.


I plugged in my iPhone just to make sure it works on iOS 7. My iPhone was already charged, but it recognized it as a power source.


Moving onto the 4-port charger...

It’s normally $43, but I got it for free after using a coupon code that I got with the external battery.

Again, cool packaging.


The 4-Port USB Wall Charger puts out up to 36W/7.2A. It can charge 4 devices simultaneously. That’s a lot of juice!


Just like the external battery, it has ports for Android and Apple, but it’ll charge pretty much anything you plug into it. I can even use it to charge the external battery.


Both devices look great, and feel good too. They have a nice weight to them and feel really solid. That’s $120 dollars worth of tech for $40 bucks! Sweet!