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Apple Remote Stand

I was tired of looking at my $30 remote lying belly up on my desk like a dead Opossum. I needed to build a remote stand.

I started with an idea using Google SketchUp.

apple remote stand sketchup

I picked up some strips of bass wood from the local hobby shop.


Two strips, one thicker than the other. Thick for the top, thin for the bottom.


Marked it up: 2" long, with a rectangle centered (1-1/4 x 5/8th).


Dremeled/sanded/cut/drilled out an oval shaped hole that will fit the Apple remote.


It fist the remote like a glove.


Here's the other side.


I then cut it down to size.


I then cut the thin board to make a base. I glued it to the bottom and sanded it until the sides where flush.


One last test fit. Almost done. Just needs paint.


All done.