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Dansco Update Pages

Now that I’m back into collecting coins again, I have to update my Dansco albums. They’re way out of date. I think the last set I bought was from 2002, and I didn’t have holes to fit some of them!

Dansco sells the update pages on their website for $5 a pop. I found another site that sells them for $3.50. So I managed to save myself $10 bucks overall. Hey, $10 bucks is $10 bucks!

Ever book was out of date. I needed at least one page for every book: 1 Lincoln, 1 Jefferson, 1 Roosevelt, 2 Kennedy’s, 2 Sacagaweas, and 1 American Eagle.

It took over a week for the pages to get here, but now I can finally put away those coins from 2002, 2003, and 2005.

Dansco Pages

2003 Sacagawea Proof Obverse

Gotta love the glass-like finish of those proofs!

2003 Sacagawea Proof Reverse