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MASTECH MS8910 Smart SMD Tester

I just had to have these SMD tweezers the minute I saw them on Adafruit. For a mere $30 bucks, I’m sure it’s not the best DMM out there at that price point, but I just could’t resist!

tweezers_0408 390

It comes in a snazzy little case with some extra tips. It also comes with a CR2032 coin cell battery. It has a low-battery indicator and an auto-shutoff feature.

tweezers_0411 393

The tips are secured with a few screws. It looks easy enough to change them.

tweezers_0414 396

The meter can measure resistance, capacitance, diodes/LEDs, and continuity. It also has a "scanning" mode where it will try to guess what type of component you’re measuring. In most cases, you’ll know what component you’re trying the measure by looking at the silkscreen on a PCB, (Rxxx vs Cxxx). I guess it’s a handy feature to have for loose components lying around where you’re not sure what it is.

Sure, I have other meters that I can use to test these basic parameters, but for 0805 and 0603 stuff, it’s a real pain trying to hold the (comparatively speaking) huge probes against the tiny components’ ends. Sometimes you’re not too sure if you just cooked a cap or a resistor by spending too long soldering it into position. There’s been a few times where I had a little difficulty soldering in such a tiny resistor and I’ve left the soldering iron on it a little longer that I’d liked to. I’ve then had to measure it with my meter to make sure I didn’t kill it. This tweezer meter should be perfect for testing that.

tweezers_0415 397

It’s great. You can get in there with one hand and measure away. There’s no way to measure a SMD component with one hand using a traditional meter with 2 probes.

tweezers_0416 398

It can measure resistance with a resolution of 0.1Ω with an accuracy of ± 1.0%.

tweezers_0418 400

It can measure capacitance with a resolution of 1pF with an accuracy of ± 3%.

tweezers_0420 402

Pretty sweet. I’m sure this will come in very handy, considering I’m all about SMD work lately.