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Dremel Workstation

In order to complete the stand for my Arduino LCD Clock, I needed to replace my Dremel that had fallen apart. My wife gave me a Dremel 4000 as an early Christmas present. When I was shopping online for the Dremel I had noticed that Amazon also sold the Dremel Workstation. I’ve always wanted one of those, but never got around to buying one. I added it to my wish list.

My wife comes through again. She got me the Workstation for Christmas.


Some assembly required.




It’s pretty easy to put together.


I popped my Dremel in the stand to check it out.


It’s pretty cool how you can move it all around at different angles.


You can even turn it on its side and use it like that. That should come in handle for sanding/filing/grinding stuff.


There’s even a crows nest for your bits.


If you have the flex shaft attachment, you can hang the Dremel off the top….


…and use the flex shaft attachment below.


It has some nifty features. Like built-in cable management…


...and a depth stop.


It’s pretty neat. I’ll need to pick up some clamps and stuff for the base. It’s going to make cutting/drilling holes in stuff so much easier. It’ll definitely come in handily with some of my up-coming Arduino projects.