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IN-12 Nixie Breakout Board, Part 2

Rev 1 of my IN-12 Nixie Breakout Board was an abomination. Upon realizing that the nixie footprint that I used for the PCB was completely wrong, I immediately re-spun the board.

OSH Park’s really been picking up the pace lately. I had these PCBs in a week.


Once again, the Thinking Putty was a lifesaver at holding the nixie nice and straight.


This was a quick 15-minute build. Rev 2 is definitely nicer than rev 1. It’s even a little bit smaller.


I connected the breakout to my breadboard and powered it up.


Boom. It works like a charm. I got it right this time. All ten digits light up when the corresponding pin is grounded on the 10-pin header.


OK, now I can start prototyping...

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